Is Your Business Environmentally Savvy?

As we celebrate Earth Day this month, our thoughts and Facebook feeds turn to the perils of plastic and sinfulness of single-use items. And as a small business owner, perhaps you’re thinking about your own impact on the environment. Is how you’re running your business either contributing to, or taking away from, the health of the planet?  It turns out that there are adjustments you can make in the way you run your business that can help the environment. And while they may be little, seemingly insignificant steps, your total effect in these efforts can make a difference.  

  1. Bulb brainwork
    LED. Incandescent. Fluorescent. Visiting the light bulb section of a hardware store can be a baffling experience. The government has done their part in mandating more energy efficient bulbs, but there’s still a dizzying wide range. The bottom line is this: switching every light bulb in your home and workplace from incandescent to LED can save you 70-90 percent in the long run, and utilizes a lower amount of environmental resources.
  1. Power down
    Numerous studies have determined that unplugging appliances/electronics at night and over the weekend can make a dramatic difference in energy usage (not to mention your power bill). Earth911 reported that leaving your electronics and appliances plugged in when not in use can add an extra 10% to your monthly utility bill. This is commonly known as “phantom” or “vampire” electricity usage. If the thought of spending several minutes a day plugging in and unplugging makes you weary, consider consolidating several appliances to a power strip, making the turning off and on as simple as the push of a button.
  1. It makes sense to lease
    By renting your Scottsdale office space with Versant, you’re taking an important environmental step. We’re the virtual office version of carpooling – using the electricity and resources of a single building to fuel the workspace for many. Our virtual office services utilize minimal systems and waste to effectively organize and facilitate the business functions of many. Our nightly professional cleaning service benefits many business owners with one thorough cleaning per evening. Leasing office space with Versant is a great way to lower your business’ carbon footprint.
  1. Think before you print
    You’ve seen this tagline on emails for years, and the logic sticks. There are increasingly fewer reasons to run a paper-based business. Options abound for faxing, mail-processing, and document review that don’t involve paper usage. Switching to electronic solutions can also increase your document security, as well as reduce overhead cost for you.

Not only can taking these steps lower the carbon footprint of your business, but it can help your business to attract younger, motivated employees. Studies have found that the vast majority of the millennial generation (up to 80%) are “somewhat to extremely concerned” about climate change, and the general wellbeing of the planet. And workplaces that prioritize earth-friendly practices are likely to attract quality employees (and customers) of all ages.

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