Merry Marketing

It can be hard for a small business to stand out during the holiday season, when big-box stores and online giants are having their heyday. There are, however, some things you can do to make sure you make a presence for yourself to your customer base. With the holiday season just a few weeks away right now is the perfect time to start planning your holiday marketing strategies.

Here are a few of our favorite ideas to help your business to have a very merry holiday season indeed.

  • Try a “Twelve Days of ______ (your business name there)” event. Adding in an element of daily surprise will increase your website traffic considerably, especially when a few of the days’ offers are decently valuable.
  • In a world of holiday abundance, try a different route. Consider releasing a “limited batch” of a new version of your product on Black Friday or Cyber Monday. This can drive traffic to your website, while tempting customers with having the opportunity own something different from what everyone else has.
  • Forget traditional BOGO. Everyone likes to be charitable during the holidays, right? Instead of a “buy one, get one” sale, offer a “buy one, give one.” Pair up with a charity that you can donate a product or a sum of money to for every product a customer buys. More business for you, more good deeds done.
  • Save someone a headache. Think about what causes difficulty for you during this busy season, and try to alleviate some of that stress for your clients. Maybe you can offer $5 towards a New Year’s Eve rideshare service for every purchase over a certain amount. Perhaps you can offer free giftwrapping or a gift certificate towards a holiday ham.
  • Don’t forget the holiday cards, complete with a coupon or special offer. And if the thought of sending out greetings makes you Grinch-like, let our Phoenix professional mail service help. Our administrative staff can handle the addresses and postage and leave you to focus on more important holiday tasks.
  • Bring on the mystery. What can be more tempting than the potential to win big? Offer clients who spend with you in November and December a “mystery offer” ranging from small prizes to a few big ones.
  • Track the Big Guy. Want to really increase website traffic on Christmas Eve? Advertise and place a link to Google’s Santa Tracker on your page. And be sure to catch parents’ eyes with tantalizing offers right beside the link.
  • For heavens’ sake, don’t run out! Be mindful that you heavily stock your most popular products so clients can stock up to their hearts’ content.

Also, as the holidays march closer, consider a Scottsdale office for lease at Versant. We believe that our luxurious furnishings, modern technology, and professional perks such as coffee and nightly cleaning can make even the craziest holiday season feel more manageable. We have leasing schedules to fit all budgets and needs.

A private office space at Versant could be the very best holiday gift you give yourself.