Solopreneur, We’re Talking to You.

If you’re flying solo in your business, no doubt you’ve got a pretty full plate. The care you provide for your clients can happen from the early morning hours through nighttime, and you’re pouring your heart and soul into doing a good job. And, we’re guessing that working in this way while trying to fit in the necessary administrative tasks on the side often leads to you feeling exhausted and frustrated, rather than energized and excited about doing the work you love. Rather than continue the juggling act, why not consider utilizing the office services from Versant Office Suites?

Here are a few reasons why you should:

  1. As a small business owner, your time and energy are, rightfully, mainly spent on maintaining your clients’ satisfaction. You wouldn’t be providing good customer service if it were any different. However, that dedication comes at the cost of missed phone calls, and likely missed business. Our Scottsdale virtual office services feature professional call-answering, mail-sorting, and can serve as your professional concierge.
  2. While most of your day-to-day consists of developing and selling your product, there are times when you need an office space for meetings or interviews. Or perhaps your home office is getting a little too cramped for comfort. And in today’s market, it simply does not make sense to pay for a traditional office rental. Our office suites are move-in ready, right now, with high-speed internet, a fax line, phone lines, and spacious desks. Not only that, but our Scottsdale day office suites for rent are professionally-staffed, cleaned nightly, beautifully-furnished, and provide an overall sophisticated feel, both inside and from the outside.
  3. Customer gatherings may not be on your radar, but with the holidays approaching you may desire a large meeting room. Client appreciation events, especially those that are hosted in a beautiful environment, can go a long way in showing your care and gratitude for those who put their trust in you. They can also help inspire your clients’ confidence in your competency. For customers who come to your Versant office space, whether for a one time visit or regularly, they will be greeted with signage for your business, a courteous and efficient receptionist, and a relaxed and professional atmosphere.

Come take a tour of our facilities, talk with our administrative staff, and see why using Versant is the next step you need for your blooming small business.

To learn more about Versant Executive Offices or to take a building tour, please contact Romeo at 480-305-2000.