Some Holiday Inspiration for your Small Business

Although we’re into December already, and many folks have already gotten a good start on their holiday shopping, your customers may still be eagerly searching for holiday deals yet to come. And while it may be a little too late for your small business to launch certain complex holiday marketing plans, there is still a lot you can do this month to attract traffic and business.

  1. CYO holiday. Sure, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday are great, but you can easily create your own “holiday” for your business. Consider advertising “Free Shipping Fridays” or “Twenty-Off Tuesdays” to attract buzz during the week for your product. Another idea is to designate one December week as “Charity Week” and pledge to donate 10% of all sales to a worthy charity. Of course, be sure to advertise early and often during the days and weeks leading up to your create-your-own holiday. And as one of our valued customers at Versant, our virtual receptionists can be sure to mention any special events when they interact with your customers.
  2. On that note . . . a word about advertising. Think about how and when your customers are encountering your advertising. Most likely they’re on-the-go, and taking a quick peek at their Twitter or Facebook accounts in between meetings, while riding public transportation, or while waiting in line. Try running an aggressive marketing ad on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays this month in which you offer steep deals for customers who buy your product or service that day. Or, run engaging contests on your Facebook page: post a picture of a wrapped-up gift and offer up the gift as a prize to the one who correctly guesses what’s inside. 
  3. Tell your story. Not only should you dress up your website for the holidays, but use this season as an opportunity to let your customers get to know you. Invite customers to a holiday meet-and-greet at Versant, your Phoenix virtual offices. Putting a face behind the brand name helps you and your business to be relatable. says, “Your potential client will care much more about your message if you can identify and communicate the value of your product, especially when you relate that value to the bigger scope of their lives. We’re all driven by the desire to make things better, easier, safer, and happier. Share how you and your product will make this a reality.” So share your personality, your hobbies, pictures of your pets, and allow your customers to get to know the person behind the product.
  4. Don’t limit yourself. Remember the CYO idea? There’s nothing that says that your holiday marketing campaign can’t continue into the new year. Potential or existing clients might be looking for ways to improve themselves, their homes, their workplace, and more come the first days of January, so be sure to tout how your product can improve their lives in 2019. Cashing in on the “new year, new me” mindset could be profitable for your business.

Utilizing the ideas we outlined here could help ensure “happy holidays” for you as a small business owner.

Thank you for being part of Versant Office Suites, we wish you and your families a very happy holiday and a safe and healthy and prosperous New Year for you and your business.